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New: Interlab EVO – Test Management System for the IoT

Published on 1 August 2016

Interlab EVO LogoInterlab EVO takes test management to the next level
7layers announces the next evolution of test management for wireless connected devices and smart services.

7layers, a company of the Bureau Veritas Group, announces its new, web-based and scalable test management system “Interlab EVO”, which efficiently handles the ever more complex verification & validation processes required for the development and market access of wireless devices and smart services.

A web-based, seamless solution

As a web-based solution, Interlab EVO enables members of various teams and locations to work together 24/7 on a seamless verification & validation platform. The troublesome task of tracing test results back to their respective requirements is facilitated by a systematic, consistent process. This supports the management of devices-under-test, including their features, the necessary test specifications as well as the laboratories and test resources involved. For a quick and precise project overview the system provides clearly arranged metrics of the large number of test results via specially designed dashboards.

Interlab EVO consists of

  • the Test Requirements Management System,
    which allows users to manage specifications, quality policies and test plans, and
  • the Test Management System,
    which is used for the actual project handling. This includes version control of devices-under-test, test laboratory management, results management and test report generation.


As a scalable solution, Interlab EVO enables interested parties to choose not only the number of users and connected test resources, but also exactly those Interlab EVO components that they need.

“With Interlab EVO, we have succeeded in creating not only a comprehensive, but also an extremely flexible and open solution that can be ideally adapted to our customers’ needs”, explains Carsten Kuhfuss, Interlab Product Manager at 7layers. “Customers can decide which Interlab EVO components they require and which tasks they want to organize outside the system. Thanks to generic interfaces between Interlab EVO and other IT systems users can easily create and import their own report templates or other relevant data. Due to the rapid development of the smart wireless world, it is highly important to ensure that devices and services are tested in accordance with the latest requirements. For this reason, our test management system offers specific use cases that are especially geared to handling such demands.”

Test Plan Generation with Interlab EVO

Interlab EVO features a fast, automatic test plan generator, with which test plans can be generated based on product specifications, the quality policies that products have to be in line with and market access-specific, guided questionnaires. If necessary, test plans can be adapted manually, and should requirements or product changes arise, the generation of “delta test plans” is fully supported. If preferred, it is also possible to import test plans created by “Interlab LIVE”, an online test plan generator from 7layers, or use test plans from other sources.

Content Management with Interlab EVO

Product standards, test specifications, test case descriptions, certification and regulatory requirements are the backbone of Interlab EVO. Once uploaded they can be used time and time again, by all teams involved, and centrally maintained. In the wireless smart world environment, which is characterized by continuous change, it is of prime importance to maintain such specifications continually for up to date test and certification processes. To facilitate this, 7layers offers ready-to-use content packages for Interlab EVO covering the requirements of industry interest groups such as the PTCRB, GCF, Verizon Wireless, Bluetooth® SIG etc. Content packages for regulatory requirements such as FCC or RED (R&TTE), are planned as well, as they are important for market access of all devices with integrated radio components.

Interlab EVO is the successor of the proven Interlab software system, which is in use by certification organizations, network operators, Smart Services providers, test laboratories and leading Smartphone manufacturers around the world. By creating Interlab EVO, 7layers now offers a system that is in pole position to take Test Management for the systematic verification of Smart World requirements to the next level.  For more information please turn to:


About 7layers: 7layers is a group of engineering & test centers specializing in wireless technologies. The organization supports the development, testing and market access processes of connected devices, as well as the set-up and maintenance of Smart Services. Stakeholders in Smart Services processes, such as manufacturers and suppliers of connected devices, wireless component manufacturers, network operators, application developers and the Smart Services providers themselves benefit from using 7layers services and products.
7layers services for connected devices encompass antenna and module integration; RF consulting; Radio/EMC testing, interoperability, field and conformance testing; certification (PTCRB, GCF, Bluetooth®, MirrorLink, LoRa and many more) and international type approval (RED (R&TTE), FCC, Canada etc.). Smart Services processes are supported with technical consulting, analysis of suitable technologies, reviewing requirements, benchmarking as well as the development of specifications, quality policies, test specifications and test cases. Additionally, 7layers provides Interlab test solutions (Bluetooth RF, Device/UICC, TTY) and the new Interlab EVO Test Management System for the verification lifecycle management of connected devices and Smart Services.
The 7layers service centers and/or accredited test labs are located in the USA (Irvine, Sunnyvale), Germany (Ratingen), Korea (Seoul), Japan (Yokohama) and China (Beijing, Shenzhen). 7layers belongs to the Bureau Veritas Group, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification, serving a large variety of industries.
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