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Interlab EVO beta test phase in full swing

Published on 2 November 2016

Interlab EVO beta test phase in full swing
To prepare the product launch of Interlab EVO – the next evolution of test management for the wireless world – a thorough beta test phase, conducted by 7layers, is now in full swing.Interlab EVO beta test phase


Interlab EVO, the successor of the well-established and proven InterLab software system, is currently going through a detailed beta test phase, conducted by the 7layers wireless experts to get the system ready for market beginning of 2017.

About Interlab EVO

Interlab EVO is a web-based, seamless verification & validation platform for wireless devices. It enables teams around the world to work together 24/7.

Interlab EVO contains a variety of components belonging either to the Test Requirements Management System or the actual Test Management System. The Test Requirements Management System is used for hosting specifications, requirements, market access regulations and the automated generation of test plans. Within the Test Management System teams manage their verification-lifecycle projects, their test equipment and capabilities.

As a scalable solution Interlab EVO customers cannot only choose the number of users and connected test resources but also the individual Interlab EVO components, they need for the efficient management of their wireless test laboratory. Users can either feed market access regulations, company quality policies etc. directly into the system themselves, or they purchase ready-to-use Content Packages from 7layers, which can be kept up-to-date fully automatically.

Interlab EVO beta test phase

Currently Interlab EVO is undergoing thorough beta testing in the accredited wireless test laboratories of the 7layers group. After initial, detailed reviews by our experienced test engineers, the beta test phase is conducted now to prove the feature maturity and overall performance of the system. This will enable us to spot the remaining minor flaws and get the system ready to be launched early 2017.

Interlab EVO is the answer for all those industries that are enhancing their business with wireless communications technologies and therefore are confronted with continuously increasing complexities of verification & validation processes for wireless connected devices or IoT services.

More about Interlab EVO

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