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InterLab Enterprise – the ideal solution for PTCRB authorized laboratories

Published on 6 August 2010

InterLab Enterprise – the ideal solution for PTCRB authorized laboratories

In order to ensure that cellular devices fulfill a minimum set of requirements, PTCRB, a consortium of mainly North American Operators, has set up a test and certification process which is continuously adapted to the technological progress of the wireless world.

PTCRB Test and Certification Web-Portal from 7 layers

In order to make the certification process for manufacturers as efficient as possible, PTCRB is providing its members with a web-based portal, based on the InterLab® Software System from 7 layers (since early 2009). The certification criteria are presented in a clear, instantly understandable fashion, whilst assuring a high level of topicality as well as performance and security.

PTCRB Test Plans

Testing for PTCRB certification takes place in laboratories – such as the 7 layers labs – which are quality proven and accredited by PTCRB. PTCRB is especially concerned test-plans used by these accredited labs  (or PTCRB associated accredited labs) are accurate, complete and up-to-date. Considering the large number of tests that have to be taken care of, combined with the constant changes in the requirements due to technological progress, this is a highly demanding and time consuming task!
In order to ensure the correctness of their test plans in a time efficient and convenient way, 7 layers and its clients generate PTCRB test plans via the InterLab Enterprise Solution.
The InterLab Enterprise Solution derives from the same source as the
PTCRB Test and Certification Web-Portal.
It is – if you like – the Original!

Test House Services for PTCRB Certification

Manufacturers who want to make sure that their certification process really complies to PTCRB requirements can feel safe when turning to laboratories that are using InterLab Enterprise for their test plan generation.

Laboratory Management tools for PTCRB

Laboratories who want to secure PTCRB accreditation can use the InterLab Enterprise Solution in their own laboratories in order to conveniently manage assessment procedures and updates, which can be a cumbersome task when managed traditionally.

The InterLab Enterprise Solution ensures a high level of automation in your laboratory. Incorrect operations due to human errors or test-systems running idle can thus be prevented.

PTCRB test plans generated via InterLab are highly detailed.
Test plans not only show the necessary test- cases but also show a complete list describing each single test which has to be taken care of. The test description includes all necessary test parameters, not only bands, extreme conditions (high/low voltage), temperature but also package switch, circuit switch, data rates, transmission mode parameters, speech mode parameters etc.