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InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution officially recognized for Bluetooth Low Energy

Published on 16 June 2009

InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution officially recognized for Bluetooth Low Energy

The Bluetooth (R) Special Interest Group has officially recognized the
“InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution” as an RF tester for Bluetooth Low Energy.

The “InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution”
is the only RF tester providing test coverage for all 10 test cases,
defined by the Bluetooth Low Energy RF PHY Test Specification, according to the Recognized Test Equipment listing on
The Test System Recognition Process has been introduced to enable test system manufacturers like 7 layers to provide Bluetooth SIG members with testing capabilities before the official adoption of a Bluetooth specification. In case of the “InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution”, the recognition process was completed for the pre-adopted Bluetooth Low Energy RF PHY Test Specification (version 0.9).

“As a result of the Recognition Process, the technology features added by a new specification and the corresponding test capabilities will reach a much higher level of maturity by the time this new specification is officially adopted,” says Tom Wellner, product manager of the InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution. “With the recognition of this new test case package, 7 layers’ commitment to always provide the latest Bluetooth RF test capabilities has once again been confirmed. A valuable step for the further evolution of the Bluetooth technology.”

The Recognition Process is not to be confused with the validation process for test systems used during the Bluetooth Qualification process. Official validation will be aspired once the Bluetooth Low Energy specification is adopted. Please refer to the Test System Datasheet below for the Test Case Package “Bluetooth Low Energy – RF”. It contains a brief test system overview, test coverage and contact information.