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How to test LTE devices for FCC

Published on 2 July 2010

How to test LTE devices for FCC
A contribution from 7 layers to the latest TCBC workshop

In conjunction with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the TCB Council, its most recent workshop was held in April 2010 in Baltimore, MA, USA with great participation from the FCC as this was located in their ‘backyard’.

The Telecommunications Certification Body Council (TCBC) provides a forum for periodic dialogue between the FCC and the TCB’s. In particular it provides a distribution point for up-to-date FCC interpretations and rulings.

The main focus of the 2010 workshop was on
international approvals for 4G and LTE technologies.

Together with Agilent and Qualcomm the 7 layers Group provided a comprehensive contribution about technical “how to test” issues, related to FCC approvals of upcoming LTE devices.

We evaluated in detail:

  • impact of power control mechanisms
  • proper selection of the number of resource blocks
  • their position in respect to frequency ranges

In addition to this, 7 layers explained applicable FCC rules and highlighted the differences between an FCC approval of today’s mobile phones featuring GSM with upcoming devices featuring LTE technology.