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GSM requirements change

Published on 18 June 2014

gsma_logo_colour_web[1]GSM Association improves requirements on cellular devices

The GSM Associations terminal requirements group “TSG” has once more enhanced the requirements for high quality terminal equipment going to the global market. Since complex devices with integrated multiple technologies and frequency bands require special attention and appropriate measures it is more important than ever that standardization organizations are coming up with solutions fitting to nowadays markets.

The upcoming changes to the GSM requirements are going to encompass the following topics

  • Amongst others the “HD Voice” has been established in order to improve the voice quality when using devices in cellular networks.
  • Not just limited to the radio frequency conditions, the device related audio requirements were also updated for terminals supporting 3GPP Release 11 and beyond. New verification requirements were addressed to the GCF (Global Certification Forum) making sure that “HD Voice” capable devices are tested accordingly.
  • RF antenna performance is also coming into focus for all kind of devices operating in networks of GSM Association carriers.
  • Since the TSG has also been involved in UICC based NFC requirements, the latest status of the so called “test book” was reviewed and released for terminal assessment.Also in this case the GCF has adopted appropriate certification requirements making sure that future device implementation comply with network operator requirements when using NFC.
  • Progressing the verification scenarios for field tests as summarized in the well-known TS.11 standard, is still ongoing at the GSM Association TSG. It is an integral part of global cellular certifications supplementing other measures such as conformance testing.
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is another of the features that are going to be implemented into standard test requirements soon.

It is becoming obvious that global cellular certification needs to adapt to the continuously increasing complexities, that come with the market introduction of M2M devices and the trend towards the Internet of Things.

As member of the GSM Association 7Layers is continuously promoting the ongoing activities of the GSM Associations terminal requirements group “TSG” by active participation and consulting.

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