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LTE battery tests for GCF

Published on 29 March 2012

GCF agrees to test battery life performance on LTE capable devices

The speed with which LTE capable smart phones and other devices supporting LTE are entering the global market is increasing. In their efforts to enhance user experience, GCF has reacted to this with a new requirement, regarding the battery life performance of LTE devices.

So far the GCF performance work item on battery performance did not contain test cases for LTE. During the last GCF Steering Group Meeting in Lisbon/Portugal (March 2012) it was agreed to use the extended GSM Association test specification TS.09 v7.0,  to which E-UTRAN (LTE) parameters were added to all related test cases.

Battery life performance testing is therefore recommended for all devices supporting LTE technology.

7Layers has the necessary LTE experience and offers widespread LTE consultancy and testing services in the USA, Germany, South Korea and the P.R. China covering all required GCF, PTCRB and operator approvals.

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