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GCF has approved LTE USIM test platform from 7Layers

Published on 20 December 2010

GCF has approved LTE USIM test platform from 7 layers as first ever in the world

On 15th Dec. 2010 GCF announced that the LTE USIM test solution from 7 layers complies with its test platform acceptance criteria

Due to this our InterLab Test Solution LTE USIM/ USAT is now the first and only test platform in the world that fulfills the criteria of GCF work item 125, which means that it is the only test solution so far that can be used officially for GCF certification of LTE USIM features.

This most recent GCF approval once again underlines the leading position of 7 layers as provider of highly efficient USIM and USAT test solutions.


Besides having GCF approved status the InterLab Test Solution LTE USIM/ USAT is also a listed platform of PTCRB and Verizon Wireless.

Test procedures that verify the correct interworking of an LTE device with the LTE (E-UTRA/ EPC) network and the USIM application on the UICC are very complex and difficult to handle manually. Thanks to the high automation level of our InterLab test solutions testing however becomes very reliable and efficient.

7 layers runs several GCF accredited laboratories in various locations worldwide.

The test solution is ideal for

  • joint operation of an USIM simulator and a protocol tester for LTE-USIM/ USAT testing
  • network independent SIM interface tests
  • automated operation of a protocol tester