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GCF certification in RTOs only

Veröffentlicht am 16 October 2012

GCF RTO scheme

GCF Recognized Test Organizations have to be used starting from 1st January 20137Layers is GCF recognized test facility

Following the introduction of the GCF – RTO scheme (Global Certification Forum –  Recognized Test Organization scheme) members agreed at the last GCF SG meeting in Beijing that from 1st January 2013 onwards, all GCF certification related testing, referenced in GCF-CC, shall only be performed by test laboratories that have achieved the GCF Recognized Test Organizations (RTO) status. This decision is an important step to improve the quality and reliability of cellular device certification.

The RTO scheme distinguishes those test organizations that have the necessary experience, skills and qualifications to satisfactorily assist manufacturers in certifying their mobile devices.

The GCF RTO scheme recognizes two categories of RTOs

  • Conformance test organisations
  • Field Trial & IOP test organisations

Today the 7Layers group is running the only internationally recognized, global cellular test laboratory network for Conformance and Interoperability & Field testing, covering all major continents.

7Layers test laboratories that have been accepted as GCF Recognized Test Organisations are

  • 7Layers AG, Ratingen/Germany
  • 7Layers Inc., Irvine/California
  • 7Layers Korea Ltd. Suwon/Korea
  • 7Layers China, Beijing/China

The 7Layers group is proud to offer further complementary services to manufacturers of products containing cellular technologies.

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