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GCF Associate Membership

Published on 3 September 2013

GCF Associate Manufacturer Members benefit from the 7Layers wireless testing expertise

GCF, the Global Certification Forum, last week announced that it has created a new membership category called „GCF Associate Manufacturer Member“.

The scheme is geared to support manufacturers who are integrating GCF-certified wireless modules into their wireless connected device.

The number of so called M2M products with embedded wireless connectivity that are entering the global market is expanding rapidly to a diverse range of industries. In order to keep aspects like interoperability between devices and connectivity to various networks on a satisfactory level and meet end-user expectations, the GCF Associate Manufacturer Membership scheme has been created.

An “Associate Manufacturer Member” pays a lower membership fee than “Manufacturer Members”, but can nevertheless benefit from the advantages of bringing a GCF certified device to market.

The GCF Associate Manufacturer

  • applies for membership at GCF
  • completes a GCF quality assurance declaration
  • turns to a 3rd part Assessment Capable Entity (ACE), such as 7Layers, for technical support and guidance
  • receives Conformance, Field Trial and Interoperability test requirements from the ACE
  • turns to a qualified GCF Recognized Test Organization (GCF RTO) for testing

After testing the ACE checks compliance of the device with relevant GCF certification criteria and submits them to GCF for completion of the certification.

7Layers GCF capabilities

7Layers is a highly experienced

We have been supporting mobile phone manufacturers with GCF certification for years. Manufacturers who want to bring wireless devices with integrated GCF wireless modules to market can rely on our certification support and testing know-how.

Further information on GCF certification