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Field Trial testing for GCF now includes LTE TDD

Published on 9 March 2015

Field Trial testing at 7Layers covers new LTE TDD requirementsGCF certification at 7Layers

Field Trial testing is part of the GCF Certification scheme. By requiring tests on live networks in addition to conformance tests in a GCF Recognized Test Organization (GCF RTO) such as 7Layers, manufacturers obtain practical insight into their device’s interoperability.

For each feature being tested, field trials are performed on a specified number of infrastructure combinations on live networks. Leading GCF operators are making their networks available for field trials, providing the relevant network information and appropriate drive routes to enable field trial test organizations to perform the required tests correctly and efficiently. The GCF Field Trial Agreement Group (GCF FTAG), chaired by Michael Ciplajevs of 7Layers, meets at regular intervals to further develop and maintain criteria for Field Trial test scenarios.

LTE TDD Field Trial in China Mobile Network

China-Mobile-Logo-2013[1]During the GCF Field Trial Agreement Group Meeting held in Dubai it has been established that terminals supporting LTE-TDD and/or LTE-FDD have to pass at least one LTE TDD field trial configuration. CMCC (China Mobile) is the only GCF Field Trial Qualified Operator (FTQO) worldwide that covers LTE TDD Band 38, 39, 40 and 41.

The Field Trial drive routes are located in Jiaxing and Hangzhou.

7Layers, one of world’s most experienced, international GCF Recognized Test Organizations, offers GCF Conformance and GCF Field Trial Testing on a global scale.

Field Trial Testing for LTE and CMCC at 7Layers

Based on the close relationship of the 7Layers RTO in Beijing with China Mobile (CMCC), the 7Layers Group now provides a most comprehensive field trial test service to our global customers, including the new LTE TDD test scenario for bands 38, 39, 40 and 41.

If required these test services can be extended with CMCC carrier acceptance testing executed by the 7Layers team in China.

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