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CTIA OTA test updates

Published on 10 October 2014

Upcoming Over-the-Air

Test Requirements of CTIA

Upcoming updates to the CTIA OTA test plan version 3.5 include important proposed changes.

The proposals are slated to be released early 2015 in the 3.5 version of the CTIA OTA Test Plan. The changes are to meet the evolving features of LTE and devices transmitting with multiple radio technologies.


The proposed changes define new operating bands and their associated test requirements. The list of bands includes LTE Bands 29 and 30, and 3GPP2 CDMA Band 10.

  • Band 29 is a special FDD band in the 700 MHz range, which only has a downlink component to be utilized for carrier aggregation. Therefore, special testing requirements for downlink LTE carrier aggregation will be addressed.
  • Band 30 is in the 2300 MHz range and has a 10 MHz channels for upload and download.


Other scope updates are proposed for location based technologies and include changes to guidelines for cabled antenna positioning, multiple transmit antennas and M2M externally powered devices. These proposals are to help address the variety of conditions that exist from the growing proliferation of types of devices using LTE technology and the impact of MIMO.


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