GCF REFRESH enhancements on Interlab TS DEVICE/UICC

Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC covers new “REFRESH” test cases according to latest GCF Work Item #230

Services like remote subscription and roaming management of mobile devices require a reliable and correct communication with the integrated UICC. Such actions are handled via the specific USAT “REFRESH” command.

Via its Work Item WI#230, GCF has extended its conformance requirements to sufficiently cover the required “REFRESH” command enhancements for 

  • a 3G session reset (with an IMSI change)
  • a UICC reset (with IMSI change).

The extended test coverage is binding for 3G and LTE USAT conformance criteria and has been implemented in the USAT test specification 3GPP TS 31.124.InterLab Test Solution DEVICE_UICC

In order to cover these new conformance criteria 7layers has extended the coverage of its Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC (Test Platform TP 146). In combination with the R&S® CMW 500 the solution fully covers the new GCF WI#230.

With this extension 7layers once more demonstrates its concept of keeping up with the latest GCF and 3GPP requirements and extending its test solution continuously.

The Interlab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC not only covers the latest “REFRESH” certification test cases. It supports the verification of  a comprehensive number of terminal/UICC interface conformance requirements of GCF and PTCRB for 3G and LTE plus specific certification criteria of China Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

For more information go to https://www.7layers.com/test-products/device-uicc or contact info@7layers.com

Field Trial testing for GCF now includes LTE TDD

Field Trial testing at 7Layers covers new LTE TDD requirementsGCF certification at 7Layers

Field Trial testing is part of the GCF Certification scheme. By requiring tests on live networks in addition to conformance tests in a GCF Recognized Test Organization (GCF RTO) such as 7Layers, manufacturers obtain practical insight into their device’s interoperability.

For each feature being tested, field trials are performed on a specified number of infrastructure combinations on live networks. Leading GCF operators are making their networks available for field trials, providing the relevant network information and appropriate drive routes to enable field trial test organizations to perform the required tests correctly and efficiently. The GCF Field Trial Agreement Group (GCF FTAG), chaired by Michael Ciplajevs of 7Layers, meets at regular intervals to further develop and maintain criteria for Field Trial test scenarios.

LTE TDD Field Trial in China Mobile Network

China-Mobile-Logo-2013[1]During the GCF Field Trial Agreement Group Meeting held in Dubai it has been established that terminals supporting LTE-TDD and/or LTE-FDD have to pass at least one LTE TDD field trial configuration. CMCC (China Mobile) is the only GCF Field Trial Qualified Operator (FTQO) worldwide that covers LTE TDD Band 38, 39, 40 and 41.

The Field Trial drive routes are located in Jiaxing and Hangzhou.

7Layers, one of world’s most experienced, international GCF Recognized Test Organizations, offers GCF Conformance and GCF Field Trial Testing on a global scale.

Field Trial Testing for LTE and CMCC at 7Layers

Based on the close relationship of the 7Layers RTO in Beijing with China Mobile (CMCC), the 7Layers Group now provides a most comprehensive field trial test service to our global customers, including the new LTE TDD test scenario for bands 38, 39, 40 and 41.

If required these test services can be extended with CMCC carrier acceptance testing executed by the 7Layers team in China.

For further information please contact: info@7Layers.com


NEW: NFC test platform

NFC/UICC test platform – NEW from 7Layers

7Layers has extended its InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC with a new test case package for NFC/UICC conformance test requirements of GCF and PTCRB. The ideal solution for NFC enabled mobile devices.

NFC technology

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Commercial near field communication (NFC) services, using a mobile handset’s UICC as secure element, are beginning to be deployed around the world.

UICC based NFC technology enables the development of secure and user-friendly services, such as payment, identification and others. However, service providers, mobile network operators (MNOs) and implementers of mobile NFC payment services (e.g. banking, transport, access control, etc.) are concerned that mobile phones with integrated NFC technology are working correctly. To ensure Interoperability, Connectivity, Data Security and Accountability of UICC based NFC services, standardization organizations have therefore developed requirements and specifications that have to be fulfilled by NFC-enabled mobile phones.[/expand]

NFC test requirements of GCF and PTCRB

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The GSMA has stated its requirements in the GSMA TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book, which covers technologies such as the Secure Element Access Control (SEAC), the Open Mobile API (OMAPI), the remote management of NFC services, enhancement to SWP/HCI testing, and Near Field Communication (NFC) itself.

These requirements are now mandatory for GCF and PTCRB certification. Successful conformance testing of NFC-enabled phones according to the respective GCF and/or PTCRB work items are important for manufacturers that want to enter the North American, European or Asian market.[/expand]

NFC testing supported by the
InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC

To cover the new NFC test requirements of GCF and PTCRB, it is necessary to jointly handle a mobile device, a UICC simulator, an NFC reader and a network emulator. Such a complex test set-up however can easily lead to faulty test results, based on handling errors.

Our InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC

supports the automated handling of connected test equipment and the devices under tests. Thanks to our reasonable pricing policies, it can be used both for development purposes AND conformance testing.

It can be ordered with a choice of various test case packages

• 3G USIM/USAT test platform
• LTE USIM/USAT test platform
• CMCC LTE DEVICE/UICC test platform
• Verizon LTE DEVICE/UICC test platform 

and now also offers the new

NFC/UICC test platform

The new NFC test platform relates to conformance testing in accordance with GCF-WI-176 and PTCRB-RFT-123 services for NFC enabled mobile devices. Together with

For more information please contact: Frank.Spiller@7Layers.com





InterLab T.S. DEVICE/UICC new


21.8.2014, Ratingen, Germany: The InterLab® Test Solution DEVICE/UICC is a new test solution from 7Layers. It is ideally suited to handle the complex test set-ups that are necessary to verify terminal/UICC interface conformance requirements. These are geared to ensure interoperability between a wireless device, a UICC and a mobile network, independent of the device manufacturer, card issuer or operator.

The UICC and its (U)SIM/(U)SAT/ISIM applications play a central role in data security and other added services, covering tasks such as authentication handling, mobility management, call control handling, closed subscriber group handling, short messages services etc.

“InterLab® test solutions from 7Layers, are based on years of experience with conformance and interoperability test procedures and our up-to-date technology know-how”, explains Magdy Ahmed, Product Manager at 7Layers. “They are especially suited to test procedures that demand the synchronization of diverse test equipment, as is the case with DEVICE/UICC verification.”


The InterLab® Test Solution DEVICE/UICC verifies wireless device software implementations, necessary to support (U)SIM, (U)SAT and ISIM applications, by jointly operating an integrated UICC/SIM simulator and a 2G, 3G or LTE network emulator. The test solution provides network dependent and independent protocol tests, is applicable for both FDD and TDD testing, covers iRAT (inter Radio Access Technology) and China Mobile roaming tests, and offers a spy option for UICC cards. It can be used for development and conformance test purposes.

The InterLab® Test Solution DEVICE/UICC
offers a choice of validated test platforms for

  • China Mobile
    • CMCC Roaming
  •  Verizon Wireless
    • ISIM for IMS services
  • GCF & PTCRB – TP 115 for LTE
    • LTE (eFDD/eTDD) – USIM / USAT
  • GCF & PTCRB – TP 146 for 3G
    • 3G (FDD) – USIM / USAT
  • 2G* SIM/SAT  *u.d.

The test platforms include test packages for usage with network emulators from Rohde & Schwarz (CMW500) and Anritsu (MD8430A). Test packages for other emulators are available upon request. Users of the InterLab test solutions LTE USIM/USAT, 3G USIM/USAT that currently work in combination with the R&S®CRTU-W, can upgrade their existing platform to the InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC in a cost effective and efficient way.

Thanks to a high level of automation the InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC is easy to set-up and control, generating reliable and reproducible results and enabling test capabilities to run 24/7.

More about the InterLab Test Solution DEVICE/UICC you find here. 


GCF Associate Membership

GCF Associate Manufacturer Members benefit from the 7Layers wireless testing expertise

GCF, the Global Certification Forum, last week announced that it has created a new membership category called „GCF Associate Manufacturer Member“.

The scheme is geared to support manufacturers who are integrating GCF-certified wireless modules into their wireless connected device.

The number of so called M2M products with embedded wireless connectivity that are entering the global market is expanding rapidly to a diverse range of industries. In order to keep aspects like interoperability between devices and connectivity to various networks on a satisfactory level and meet end-user expectations, the GCF Associate Manufacturer Membership scheme has been created.

An “Associate Manufacturer Member” pays a lower membership fee than “Manufacturer Members”, but can nevertheless benefit from the advantages of bringing a GCF certified device to market.

The GCF Associate Manufacturer

  • applies for membership at GCF
  • completes a GCF quality assurance declaration
  • turns to a 3rd part Assessment Capable Entity (ACE), such as 7Layers, for technical support and guidance
  • receives Conformance, Field Trial and Interoperability test requirements from the ACE
  • turns to a qualified GCF Recognized Test Organization (GCF RTO) for testing

After testing the ACE checks compliance of the device with relevant GCF certification criteria and submits them to GCF for completion of the certification.

7Layers GCF capabilities

7Layers is a highly experienced

We have been supporting mobile phone manufacturers with GCF certification for years. Manufacturers who want to bring wireless devices with integrated GCF wireless modules to market can rely on our certification support and testing know-how.

Further information on GCF certification

Anritsu MD8430A now integrated


7Layers AG has extended the choice of readily available test set-ups for LTE UICC test requirements with the support of Anritsu Company. The InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT has been successfully integrated with the Anritsu Signaling Tester MD8430A.

Users can now easily extend the test case coverage of their signaling tester both for R&D and certification testing with the InterLab Test Solution LTE USIM/USAT.

InterLab TS LTE-USIM- USAT integrated with Anritsu MD8430AThe InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT covers 3GPP TS 31.121 and TS 31.124 Rel-8/9 test specifications which describe the interworking of LTE capable devices with LTE networks for TDD and FDD and the respective USIM, USAT and ISIM applications on the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC).

It comes with an integrated USIM simulator and offers GCF, PTCRB and Verizon Wireless validated test case packages for usage with protocol testers from various manufacturers. 

“Thanks to a good cooperation we were now able to integrate the InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT with the Anritsu Signaling Tester MD8430A”, explains Magdy Ahmed, product manager at 7Layers. “Market demands for such integrations are high and we therefore developed the InterLab Test Solution right from the start as an easily adaptable solution to market leading LTE protocol testers.
“By integrating the Anritsu MD8430A with our InterLab solution, users can now easily extend the test case coverage of their signaling tester with the complex LTE-USIM and USAT test cases, both for R&D and certification testing.”
The MD8430A Signaling Tester is an LTE base station simulator for developing LTE-compliant chipsets and wireless devices. Anritsu has developed the MD8430A as a powerful LTE protocol/R&D test solution to help bring LTE wireless devices to market as fast as possible.

Users will find the InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT highly reliable and easy to handle for stand-alone tests as well as for tests that require the joint operation with an LTE protocol tester.

Only one straightforward graphical user interface is necessary for the operation of all involved test systems. By using the automation functionalities of the test system plus the remote control interface of the LTE device, users benefit from full automation without any user interaction required. The InterLab Test Solution satisfies key customer concerns such as cost efficiency, ease of use plus extensive validated test coverage for LTE UICC test requirements.

For more information please contact: Frank.Spiller@7Layers.de


GCF Field Trial Test Services at 7 layers

GCF Field Trial Test Services at 7 layers
now with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation!

7 layers has the first test laboratory world-wide whose GCF Field Trial Test Services have been accredited by DATech according to ISO/IEC 17025. The accreditation encloses GCF field Trial Testing according to GCF-CC and GSMA DG.11 and related Application Enabler Tests.

Interoperability and Field Trial Testing examines the behavior of wireless terminals with public operator networks, in a dynamic environment. Real-life demonstrations in various operator networks and locations are important, if manufacturers want to check whether their products fulfill all set requirements.
The Global Certification Forum (GCF) requires a number of Field Trial Tests as part of its
GCF certification program for mobile phones and other wireless communications products.
7 layers has offered Field Trial Testing for many years and gathered experiences with testing in major Field Trial Qualified Networks, such as o2, Orange, Vodafone, Telefonica, NTT DoCoMo etc.
Having achieved ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for our GCF Field Trial Test Services confirms once again the reliability and high quality standards of the 7 layers services.

Terminal manufacturers count on 7 layers’

  • competent staff
  • reliable and reproducible test methods
  •  high standard of documentation and reporting