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California’s fires have spared 7 layers in Irvine

Published on 30 October 2007

California’s fires have spared 7 layers in Irvine

California’s worst fires in four years, which did not relent for three days, tormented Irvine last week. The worst is over and the situation is under control by now. 7 layers in Irvine was threatened by the fires and we are all very thankful that neither was anybody harmed nor were our offices and buildings damaged by the fire.

However, for some desperate hours the outcome of the disaster was not at all clear and only thanks to the engagement of the Californian fire workers and the considerateness of the 7 layers employees, nobody got hurt, the building was saved and the test laboratories continued to work.

We would like to use this way to inform our clients that everything is back to normal by now. In case of any further questions regarding the current situation in Irvine, just give us a call!