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BSI declares the 7 layers AG to the first certified test laboratory for BOS digital radio network

Published on 2 December 2009

BSI declares the 7 layers AG to the first certified test laboratory for BOS digital radio network

The “German Federal Agency for Digital Radio and Security Authorities and Organizations”
(Bundesanstalt für den Digitalfunk der Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben, short BDBOS) is currently setting up a digital radio network, which shall be used by all police forces, rescue services, fire brigades etc. within the Federal Republic of Germany. Some of the Federal States have already started using this new technology in real life.

Due to the nature of this service the reliability and functionality of the network itself, plus all fixed and mobile terminals in use, is of immense importance. This is why end products have to be closely examined with regard to product functionalities and interoperability. In future all end products that are used within the BOS network shall be examined by an ISO17025 test laboratory that has been certified by the BSI.

7 layers, a leading, experienced test & service center for wireless communications industries is the very first laboratory that has been certified by the BSI for this purpose. „7 layers passed the strict and lengthy qualification process successfully, because the company is absolutely conform to the rigorous requirements of the BSI regarding competency, reliability and independency”, explains Bernd Kowalski, department manager certification, approval and conformity and new technologies at the BSI.

“We are very proud to have become part of such a significant project“, says Thomas Jaeger, Director Business Development of 7 layers. “It is absolutely necessary to ensure the functionality, reliability and especially the interoperability of radio products which are going to be used within the BOS digital radio network. We have already accompanied several successful projects by now and our engineers have become specialist in supporting manufacturers with these demanding technical requirements.”