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Bluetooth (R) Low Energy Technology

Published on 12 August 2009

Bluetooth (R) Low Energy Technology

Are your products ready to market?

Bluetooth Low Energy will widen the market place for Bluetooth considerably.
Devices housing Bluetooth Low Energy consume only a fraction of the power compared to “classical” Bluetooth products. Tiny button cell batteries are all such devices need.  A great chance to bring interesting new products to market!

Are your Bluetooth Low Energy products in the development phase?
Then make sure they correspond to future Bluetooth SIG specifications and gain an important competitive advantage regarding quality and time-to-market!

Pre-qualification testing
The ideal way to make sure your products are market ready.

7 layers, an experience Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility, offers early testing on their new Bluetooth Low Energy Test Solution for RF tests. This is the only Bluetooth RF tester so far, that can offer all 10 new RF tests for Bluetooth Low Energy.
Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between a variety of test packages for early Bluetooth Low Energy RF testing. The total test time comes up to approx. 15 hours.

Your prototypes are ready for testing?
Then you should take part in the
Bluetooth Low Energy Formal Interoperability Test Event, 24.– 28. August 2009 in Dublin, Ireland.
(Further information for members only. Please contact us if you need to know more!)
This is an ideal and fast way to find out whether your products are ready for market.
Testing will take place as device versus device testing.
The new Bluetooth Low Energy RF tests will run on the 7 layers Bluetooth Test Solution.

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