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Bluetooth Qualification is changing

Published on 13 January 2014


7Layers informs about the most relevant changes, which will become active on 1st February 2014:

Services for Bluetooth wireless technology

Changing Bluetooth Listing Fees

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  •  A Declaration ID
    • Is now required for
      • Qualified Design Listing (QDL) AND
      • End-Product Listing (EPL).
    • Previously you had to pay only for QDLs.
  • The Declaration ID fee will be
    • USD 4,000.00 for Associate & Promoter members
    • USD 8,000.00 for Adopter members
  • The QDID (Qualified Design ID) still exists.
    • It will now be automatically assigned and does not have to be purchased.
    • It is now the Project ID of the TPG Project (on
  • Design changes are not discounted any more.
    • Previously they were 40% of the original listing fee.
  • “Innovation Incentive Program” for small companies and start-ups:
    • Member companies with
      • less than one million USD (US$ 1,000,000.00)  in annual revenues
      • and no prior listings (Declarations, QDLs or EPLs)
        can declare a product for USD 2,500.00. 
  • For existing EPLs
    • it is not required to create a new listing or purchase a Declaration ID. 
  • Editorial changes on existing EPLs
    • are only possible through a written request
      to the Bluetooth Qualification Administrator (BQA).[/expand]

 Possible Scenarios

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Scenario Action Fee
You create a new design, or make changes to an existing design (QDL) Purchase and create a new Declaration (D0XXXXX), which references a new QDID. Adopter:
USD 8000
USD 4000
You add products for any design your company owns You already have a declaration ID for this design (B0XXXXX or D0XXXXX) and can update the products in your existing declaration No listing fee
You add products for a design owned by another member If you do not have a Declaration ID for this design:

  • Purchase and create a new declaration, referencing the other member’s QDID
  • Update the products in this declaration
USD 8000 Associate/Promoter:
USD 4000
If you already have a Declaration ID for this design:

  • Update the products in this declaration
no listing fee


 Bluetooth Qualification Process

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  • The Bluetooth Qualification Process remains basically unchanged
  • New Listing Interface will be introduced where QDLs and EPLs will be handled in a common and single interface[/expand]

PTS (Profile Tuning Suite)

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  • The PTS becomes free to all members.
  • Previously it was free only to Associate members and USD 7,500 to all other members.[/expand]

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