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Bluetooth Qualification changes

Published on 18 June 2014

Bluetooth World 2014 Home Page GraphicLatest Bluetooth Qualification changes

7Layers, a global wireless test organization with two experienced Bluetooth(R) Qualification Test Facilities and several Bluetooth(R) Qualification Experts (BQEs) would like to inform you about the latest changes to the Bluetooth(R) Qualification program.

Whilst the Bluetooth(R) Qualification Process remains basically unchanged the following modifications should be taken care of when listing a Bluetooth(R) connected design or product:

  • New listing policy established since 01. Feb 2014
  • New Declaration ID is required for new designs and product listings
  • The fee for each Declaration ID will be USD 4,000.00 for Associate and Promoter members and USD 8,000.00 for Adopter members
  • For existing EPLs it is not required to create a new listing or purchase a Declaration ID
  • Editorial changes on existing EPLs are only possible through a written request to the BQA
  • The PTS Tool becomes free to all members
  • New Listing Interface is available for Design and Product Listings through a common and single interface

For more details ask for the 7Layers Bluetooth(R) Qualification Presentation via our contact form.