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Bluetooth Low Energy

Published on 25 January 2011

First ever “Bluetooth Low Energy” End Product Design Listing
completed by 7Layers

25th January 2011, Ratingen (Germany)

7Layers, a test and service center for wireless communications, listed the first ever Bluetooth low energy end-product design on the Bluetooth Qualified Design List for Nordic Semiconductor ASA, a world leader in short-range ultra low power 2.4GHz wireless connectivity on 10th January 2011. The nRF8001 solution from Nordic Semiconductor is a complete Bluetooth low energy stack on which basis manufacturers can now conveniently create their own products.

The Nordic Semiconductor nRF8001 solution is a complete Bluetooth low energy stack, combining the RF PHY, Link Layer and Host layer. Due to its ultra low power consumption the stack is ideally suited to a vast range of battery-powered applications including wireless mobile phone accessories, remote controls, sensors, and sports watches. The nRF8001 is also the first fully qualified Bluetooth v4.0 low energy design to combine the Radio, Link Layer, and Host into one End Product Listing (EPL), enabling designers to easily create new Bluetooth end products without any additional listing fees.

“It was exciting for us to be able to support Nordic Semiconductor with the listing of the first ever Bluetooth low energy end-product design,” says Carsten Steinroeder, Bluetooth Qualification Expert at 7Layers. “The listing process was straightforward and manufacturers can now benefit from integrating a fully qualified and listed product into their application.”

“We were very glad to have such an experienced partner as 7Layers working with us,” comments Frank Karlsen, Senior RF Design Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor. “We could fully rely on them and we feel certain that our customers could benefit immensely by using their experience and insight into our nRF8001 solution when it comes to further listings on the basis of our new Bluetooth low energy stack.”

Based on years of experience with Bluetooth wireless technology and insight into Nordic’s nRF8001 solution, 7Layers can securely guide Nordic Semiconductor’s customers during the integration process and consult them with respect to Bluetooth Qualification, Regulatory Testing and Type Approval.


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About Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power (ULP) short-range wireless communication. Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF24xxx range of 2.4GHz transceiver and transmitter devices are aimed at applications including PC peripherals (wireless keyboards/mice/multimedia controllers), game controllers, intelligent sports equipment and wireless audio (for example, MP3 and portable CD player wireless headphones and wireless PC speakers). Nordic is an associate member of the Bluetooth SIG, and has contributed core expertise in ultra low power (ULP) RF design to Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology (formerly ultra low power Bluetooth). Bluetooth low energy is a short range RF communication technology featuring ultra low power consumption, a lightweight protocol stack and simple integration with Bluetooth chips. It is a hallmark feature of the latest Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0. The technology will support the next generation of RF communications by opening up many new opportunities for ULP wireless data links between suitably equipped mobile handsets or computers and small (typically coin cell) battery-powered devices such as sports, wellness, and medical health sensors. Nordic’s products are all manufactured in state of the art semiconductor process technologies through strong, long-term relationships with world-best manufacturing facilities. Sales are primarily made through a carefully selected worldwide distribution network.