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Bluetooth Automation Explorer

Veröffentlicht am 18 November 2014

Bluetooth Automation Explorer from 7Layers

Streamline your Bluetooth test projects with our free
Bluetooth automation explorer

Today’s growing Smart World with its applications and services see the introduction of wireless technologies, like Bluetooth® Smart, into a multitude of devices, which traditionally would have worked without connectivity, like e.g. medical devices, smart home devices, wearable technologies devices etc. This leads to a shift in product requirements and a whole new world of certification and test requirements. In the case of Bluetooth Smart technology for example, manufacturers often need to perform Bluetooth Radio testing as part of the Bluetooth Qualification process, without being an expert in this area.

Even though Bluetooth technology is ideally defined in its standard for efficient RF testing, this assumes that the required automation interfaces of the product are exposed and correctly configured. In such a case the radio (RF) testing (including temperature and voltage variation test conditions) for a Bluetooth Smart device can be executed fully automatically, in a minimum time frame.

Unfortunately many devices that are being submitted to our Bluetooth Qualification test laboratories (BQTF) are not ready for testing with regards to the automation interface, so that the manufacturer and the lab have to spend extra efforts to resolve the automation issues. This can lead to massive delays and additional costs to a Bluetooth Qualification project.

Bluetooth Automation Explorer – free to download

To streamline the test preparation

  • 7Layers has published its “Automation Explorer” for Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Bluetooth device manufacturers can download it from our Support Portal free of charge.

The Bluetooth Automation Explorer allows manufacturers to set up and verify the Bluetooth automation interface (USB, RS-232, Android Debug Bridge (ADB), BTCLI, etc.) of their devices and its protocol in the comfort of their office, before submitting them to a 3rd party test lab. This approach significantly streamlines the project preparation process and speeds up the test project considerably.

You can download the Bluetooth Automation Explorer now at:

Try it out today and send the ready for testing device to your 7Layers Bluetooth test facility, which is fitted out with our InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth RF, the fastest Bluetooth RF conformance tester on the market. 7Layers – for the smartest way to Bluetooth Qualification. In case of further questions please contact: