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READY Bluetooth 5 test case package for Interlab TS

Published on 12 December 2016

Bluetooth® 5  test case package for Interlab Test Solution
New Bluetooth® 5 specification test case package available now for Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RFInterlab TS Bluetooth RF

Irvine CA, USA, 12 Dec 2016: 7layers, a Bureau Veritas Group Company, released a test case package for its Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF today, to support Bluetooth 5 Qualification Testing. This will enable Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities(BQTFs), utilizing the Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF to offer Bluetooth 5 qualification testing right from the start.

About Bluetooth 5

The Bluetooth 5 specification was adopted by the Bluetooth SIG on 6 Dec 2016 and promises 2x speed, 4x range, 8x data plus enhanced wireless coexistence.
Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs), such as the 7layers BQTFs, using the Interlab Test Solution in combination with this new test case package will be able to test and qualify devices and modules supporting Bluetooth 5 technology immediately.

About the Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF

The Interlab Bluetooth RF Test Solution provides the complete, validated RF test coverage for Bluetooth specifications 2.0 to 4.x including low energy, and has now been extended with a test case package for version 5. The test system features the highest level of automation to speed up repetitive procedures and minimize potential testing errors.

“As a preferred provider of many Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities around the globe, we are excited to enable our customers to be amongst the first offering Bluetooth 5 qualification testing,” remarks Tom Wellner, Director of Interlab Test Products at 7layers.

The new Bluetooth 5 specification test case package features

  • automation of the new test cases
  • upgrade to the automation interface enabling automated control of objects-under-test, utilizing the Bluetooth 5 specification.

Bluetooth 5 qualification testing will include changes to the testing specifications around low energy, long range signaling and device performance.

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