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Bluetooth 5 Qualification available at 7layers

Published on 14 December 2016

Bluetooth 5 Qualification available at 7layers
7layers BQTFs are ready to get your Bluetooth® 5 devices through the new test and qualification processBluetooth_FM_Color

Ratingen, Germany, 14 Dec 2016: 7layers, a Bureau Veritas Group Company, today announced that its Bluetooth® Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) in the USA and Europe are ready to provide Bluetooth qualification services according to the new Bluetooth 5 core specification, released earlier this week.

Bluetooth Services at 7layers

7layers Bluetooth qualification services cover the complete range of Bluetooth technology specifications from 2.1 all the way to the new Bluetooth 5 specification. Depending on our client’s needs services encompass pre-testing, antenna and module integration, qualification and regulatory testing as well as the development of listing strategies. 7layers runs the most experienced Bluetooth test facilities worldwide with over 15 years’ experience and a deep involvement with the development of the Bluetooth technology right from its early days. In addition, 7layers is also the developer of the Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF, which is used at a majority of BQTF locations around the world. This test system serves as the core for our excellent Bluetooth testing services.

Bluetooth 5 – Specification features

The new Bluetooth 5 specification was officially adopted on 6 Dec. 2016h with key updates to the Bluetooth technology. According to the Bluetooth SIG it shall provide four times longer range, twice the speed and up to eight times larger broadcast capacity, which is especially beneficial for the deployment of Bluetooth beacons. Further features include improved interoperability and coexistence with other wireless technologies.

Bluetooth 5 – Outlook

Leading research companies expect this update to lead to an even wider array of deployment and to make Bluetooth 5 technology into a desirable choice for Internet of Things applications. They assume that up to one third of the 48 billion internet-capable devices that will be on the market by 2021 may be Bluetooth enabled!
Bluetooth 5 enhanced devices will hit the market within the first half 2017. Interoperability with Bluetooth devices built on previous standard versions shall be insured, but there will be no Bluetooth 5 updates available for devices built on previous standards.
“We’re proud to continue support manufacturers with testing and qualifying their Bluetooth enabled devices and chipsets,” states Carsten Steinröder, BQE at 7layers. “We have been the trusted Bluetooth Qualification Provider of choice for many manufacturers for years. It is important to us that we maintain the capabilities to support their efforts and to push out the next generation of Bluetooth 5 devices now. We have already updated our Interlab Test Solution Bluetooth RF in all our BQTFs, utilizing the new core specification and are ready to help our customers bring their new devices to market as quickly as possible.”

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