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Battery Life Time Testing

Published on 15 June 2011


Benefit from the 7Layers OTA experience
for Battery Life Testing Services or your own Battery Life Test Solution

When purchasing a mobile phone consumers are not only looking for design and price but also for stand-by and talk time of their new product.

Battery Life Time of mobile phones of growing importance

This is particularly the case since high end displays and additional electronic features such as GPS receivers and some applications have their price in terms of energy consumption.

It is therefore of growing importance for manufacturers, service providers or operators, to measure precisely the power consumption of a mobile phone under different conditions or use cases.

7Layers tests the current consumption of a mobile phone according to test requirements of GCF-PC and test methodologies as described in the DG.09 (now TS.09) specification by the GSM Association. Our special test systems and test set-up further correspond to specific network provider needs.


In order to get results as close to real life conditions as possible we offer tests “over the air” (OTA), which means that during testing the embedded phone antenna is used as well as the original battery to power the phone. In addition to these test-set-ups our system also supports tests during which the phone is powered with an external power supply.

The 7Layers test set-up is based on extreme fast ampere meter (50 ksps) and a special shielded box, featuring three multiband-antennas. This sophisticated system is for example also used by Vodafone for the appropriate tests.

Battery Life Test Services

Benefit from the 7Layers OTA testing experience and high quality test set-ups in the 7Layers laboratories.

Battery Life Test Solutions

The Battery-Life-Test-Setup can also be purchased at 7Layers as a stand alone, easy extendable test solution. The one-box solution is adaptable to other test systems on the market, thus underlining its flexibility.