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Antenna Design and Test Services

Published on 26 October 2009

Antenna Design and Test Services

Most comprehensive service offering – available at 7 layers

Wireless connectivity is of growing importance for a huge number of modern products. Since the efficiency of any radio product is last but not least depending on the quality of its antenna, antenna design & implementation and consequently antenna testing & certification come into the focus of more and more manufacturers.

7 layers, a leading, international group of test & service centers, is taking care of this rising demand and has set up a wide range of services including antenna design, implementation and testing.

7 layers in Germany now provides a highly comprehensive Antenna test service offering. The test services do not only include all PTCRB, CTIA and GCF OTA RF antenna tests but also provide network operator specific test services – a must when aiming for any of the large operator networks of this world.

The OTA RF Antenna laboratories at 7 layers Germany provide:

  • GCF OTA RF antenna performance certification according to 3GPP,
    • especially important for the European market
  • PTCRB and CTIA OTA RF antenna performance testing
    for the North American market.
  • Our laboratories fulfill the strict requirements of the CTIA.
    They are CTIA authorized and have
  • CATL status. We also run pre-tests against upcoming
    CTIA 3.0 release embracing human
  • hand phantoms and laptop testing.
  • Network Operator specific antenna performance testing
    • including Vodafone Certification for OTA antenna testing and
    • cooperation with other operators such as Deutsche Telekom, AT&T etc.

This outstanding portfolio of test services can be combined with expert
antenna design and assessment services. “We can either help you choose the off-the-shelf antenna that best suits your requirements or – in case you have very specific demands – we can develop customized antennas that make the most of your product idea”, explains Dr. Peter Nevermann, antenna specialist at 7 layers Germany. “Aspects, such as the number of supported frequency bands, available space, distance to other electronic components, housing, shielding, mechanics all have to be taken into account in order to get a well functioning end-product. For best possible results, antenna assessment or design services should be introduced into the product development process as early as possible.” Antenna development test processes at 7 layers Germany are supported by special test systems such as the Satimo 3D (StarGate) and a special R&D test software.

Showing its commitment to the growing importance of antenna design and testing, the global 7 layers group offers further state-of-the-art OTA Antenna test laboratories in Irvine, CA (USA) and in Beijing (China).