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Anritsu MD8430A now integrated

Published on 23 February 2012


7Layers AG has extended the choice of readily available test set-ups for LTE UICC test requirements with the support of Anritsu Company. The InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT has been successfully integrated with the Anritsu Signaling Tester MD8430A.

Users can now easily extend the test case coverage of their signaling tester both for R&D and certification testing with the InterLab Test Solution LTE USIM/USAT.

InterLab TS LTE-USIM- USAT integrated with Anritsu MD8430AThe InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT covers 3GPP TS 31.121 and TS 31.124 Rel-8/9 test specifications which describe the interworking of LTE capable devices with LTE networks for TDD and FDD and the respective USIM, USAT and ISIM applications on the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC).

It comes with an integrated USIM simulator and offers GCF, PTCRB and Verizon Wireless validated test case packages for usage with protocol testers from various manufacturers. 

“Thanks to a good cooperation we were now able to integrate the InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT with the Anritsu Signaling Tester MD8430A”, explains Magdy Ahmed, product manager at 7Layers. “Market demands for such integrations are high and we therefore developed the InterLab Test Solution right from the start as an easily adaptable solution to market leading LTE protocol testers.
“By integrating the Anritsu MD8430A with our InterLab solution, users can now easily extend the test case coverage of their signaling tester with the complex LTE-USIM and USAT test cases, both for R&D and certification testing.”
The MD8430A Signaling Tester is an LTE base station simulator for developing LTE-compliant chipsets and wireless devices. Anritsu has developed the MD8430A as a powerful LTE protocol/R&D test solution to help bring LTE wireless devices to market as fast as possible.

Users will find the InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT highly reliable and easy to handle for stand-alone tests as well as for tests that require the joint operation with an LTE protocol tester.

Only one straightforward graphical user interface is necessary for the operation of all involved test systems. By using the automation functionalities of the test system plus the remote control interface of the LTE device, users benefit from full automation without any user interaction required. The InterLab Test Solution satisfies key customer concerns such as cost efficiency, ease of use plus extensive validated test coverage for LTE UICC test requirements.

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