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7layers opens new BQTF in CA

Published on 4 December 2015


7layers has a new formally recognized Bluetooth® Qualification Test Facility (BQTF), located in Sunnyvale, CA. This expands its Bluetooth Qualification Services to a location based in Silicon Valley to support a variety of local and global customers. Due to recent growth in IoT, wearable, and connected home devices utilizing Bluetooth technology, 7layers has increased its capacity for Bluetooth Qualification testing with this expansion.

This is 7layers’ third BQTF location with three in-house Bluetooth Qualification experts on staff.

7layers offers Bluetooth test services that include

to help customers get to market in a timely way. 7layers has been involved in Bluetooth qualification for over 15 years and continues to support device, module and chipset manufacturers with testing Bluetooth enabled products.

7layers will utilize its own InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth RF at its Sunnyvale Laboratory as the basis for qualification testing.

The InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth RF provides the highest level of automation in order to speed up repetitive, time-consuming procedures. It uses advanced object-under-test automation techniques, adaptive signaling methods and configurable repeat scenarios. The InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth RF is used at all three of 7layers’ BQTFs and is installed at the majority of BQTFs/BRTFs worldwide.

Bluetooth technology continues to expand features and use cases.

The Bluetooth SIG has announced a 2016 technology roadmap to enhance IoT functionality that features previewing longer ranges, higher data speeds and mesh networking. These changes will help companies better utilize Bluetooth technology as part of new smart services. With its SODA Model, 7layers can provide smart service companies with test expertise, verify complex requirements, and ensure service quality.

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