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7Layers is hosting PTCRB PVG#66 in Düsseldorf

Published on 1 August 2014

7Layers is hosting PTCRB PVG#66 in Düsseldorf/Germany

PTCRB logo7Layers is hosting the next PTCRB PVG meeting in Duesseldorf/Germany on the 26th and 27th August 2014. The meeting is scheduled for two days addressing the most recent technical discussions on all ongoing PTCRB work items.

Special attention will be put on various LTE and IMS topics including the latest carrier aggregation scenarios.

PVG is also involved in defining a pragmatic way to verify data throughput device performance on the basis of the ETSI TR 37.901. This item is a very hot topic at the moment and operators, manufacturers and 3rd party test labs are working together on an appropriate process.

Again it is expected that a number of new test case validation submissions will be received for the meeting. This technical exercise ensures that PTCRB can rely on quality assessment methods being used for device certification.

Last but not least, the PVG meeting will feature an additional education session on the latest PTCRB TC database developments. It is foreseen that an update of the PTCRB feature set and other improvements is going to be released during Q3/Q4 2014.

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