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7Layers announces deployment of the CCF Test Plan Database based on InterLab System

Published on 1 August 2010

7layers announces the deployment of the CCF Test Plan Database based on its InterLab Software System

CCF members can now generate test plans for CDMA devices fully automatically via the Internet

The InterLab® Software System developed by 7 layers was chosen by the CDMA Certification Forum (CCF) for its new CCF Test Plan Database. InterLab offers consistent data and process management, thus securing global access to information needed for CDMA certification and improving the overall test and certification experience. CCF members can now generate test plans for CDMA devices automatically via the Internet, thus easing the certification process and ensuring global compatibility.

The goal of the CCF is to enable its members to automatically generate device-specific test plans that are in accordance with the latest CCF certification requirements.

The system is also used as an online platform for technical working groups that are jointly developing and maintaining test specifications and providing the latest versions to CCF members. These test specifications provide the basis for up-to-date CCF test plans including all relevant certification criteria available via the web.

“The InterLab Software System is capable of efficiently supporting a seamless requirements verification management process for complex high-tech products. When used with all its capabilities, InterLab can connect requirements management, test plan generation, test execution and reporting.

InterLab can easily be implemented into existing processes while corresponding software and test systems can be integrated to the InterLab platform.

This way InterLab provides a high level of automation and a location independent test process”, says Carsten Kuhfuss, Product Manager of the InterLab Business Unit of 7 layers. “The InterLab driven CCF Test Plan Database ensures process consistency. It allows the CCF to easily manage the update of test specifications and test plans as well as the generation and administration of vendor specific
test plans.”

“InterLab was chosen because it offers convenient web-functionalities and integrates easily into our existing processes,”
explains Jerry Carr, Quality Manager for CCF. “The CCF certification administration as well as CDMA test laboratories and CDMA product manufacturers are seeing great benefits in using this tool, such as the fact that the automatic generation of test plans ensures the consistency of the test plans used by CDMA vendors.”

About CCF

The CCF is a partnership of CDMA vendors and operators worldwide that has established and maintains a single core global device certification process.  The CCF process allows quick and affordable certification of devices so they meet prescribed international performance requirements.  This process improves quality through consistent interoperability, signaling conformance, and performance testing. 
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About 7 layers

7 layers is an international group of test and service centers, supporting wireless communications with test and certification expertise for GSM, GPRS, W-CDMA, EDGE, 3G, TETRA, W-LAN, Bluetooth® and other modern wireless communications technologies, such as GPS, LTE etc. End product manufacturers, component and reference design manufacturers as well as network operators and technology associations benefit from the 7 layers’ services.

The 7 layers Software House develops and markets the InterLab Software System. InterLab supports high-tech industries with the systematic and efficient management of verification and validation processes of complex products. It coordinates the activities of R&D and test departments from various locations, supports version control processes and result analysis as well as automation and reproducibility of test processes.
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