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7 layers services for cellular terminals supporting W-CDMA band 8

Published on 7 February 2008

7 layers services for cellular terminals
supporting the new W-CDMA frequency band 8

Another new W-CDMA frequency band is approaching the world of cellular communication. It links the frequency bands 880-915 MHz (Uplink) and 925-960 MHz (Downlink) to the so called UTRA FDD band 8.

This band overlaps with the E-GSM frequencies that have been used by many major GSM operators. Now these frequencies can be used for W-CDMA services as well. Especially in Europe the new UTRA- FDD band 8 has attracted many cellular operators. Such an extension requires a new generation of terminals and devices supporting this additional feature.

Before releasing any new cellular devices to any market it is necessary to cover all corresponding regulatory and certification requirements.

In Europe terminal equipment has to comply with the European R&TTE directive. Therefore cellular devices have to meet the latest radio and EMC standards as published in the European Official Journal. The following harmonized standards have to be considered for any UTRA-FDD device:

  • EN 301 489-01/24 (EMC)
  • EN 301 908-01/02 (Radio)

Furthermore the Global Certification Forum (GCF) has defined specific compliance criteria’s for UTRA-FDD band 8 terminals. Compliance can be verified by testing the devices according to the test plan as specified in the corresponding GCF work item 38. GCF certifications are required by many network operators around the world so it is very important to consider this certification scheme carefully.

As one of the world’s leading test and service centers, 7 layers has expanded its facilities even further. We now offer all relevant testing and consulting services for terminals and devices supporting UTRA-FDD band 8. With 7 layers you can be sure of our comprehensive support for your on-time market access.