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7 layers involvement in the LTE ecosystem

Published on 3 April 2009

7 layers involvement in the LTE ecosystem

The global 7 layers group shows its commitment to LTE on various fields

Ratingen, 3 April 2009: 7 layers, a global group of service centers for the wireless industry, has already been involved in the development of important wireless technologies in the past. With LTE (Long Term Evolution) gaining momentum, 7 layers is once again showing its commitment to be at the forefront of new wireless communications technologies. The 7 layers test and service centers in Asia, Europe and North America are presently involved in the development of new services that will ease the evolution from UMTS to LTE. Based on our experience in developing software tools and test solutions for demanding test set-ups, 7 layers is currently supporting various partner companies with their LTE projects:

Together with a manufacturer of base stations, we are currently developing an R&D tester for LTE that supports terminal manufacturers in early R&D phases.

We have also integrated the LTE tester of a leading test solution manufacturer into our InterLab® Software System. This enables users to optimize their product verification management and certification test processes. The InterLab Software System in combination with this high-tech test equipment eases the test set-up and the test plan generation. It fully automates both the test equipment and the mobile terminal. Test results are available in real-time, providing a high level of detailed information at log file level, important especially for R&D purposes.

Due to the experiences we have gained in our test laboratories, one of our service centers is taking over the intricate task of validating LTE test equipment.

Thoroughly testing LTE terminals for R&D purposes and later on during the certification process is important to quickly turn this new evolution into a much used, reliable mobile communications technology.

However, ensuring the capabilities of newly set up LTE networks is another important success factor, which 7 layers is turning to. Presently we are supporting the development of a mobile terminal that will be used for testing LTE networks, by defining the product features and capabilities of this apparatus.

“With all these steps we want to do our bit to bring LTE forward”, states Michael Horn, consultant of the 7 layers Systems House. “However we carefully watched the implementation of other wireless technologies in the past and noticed, that especially inexperienced players in the industry often underestimate the commitment, time and expense that is necessary in order to bring reliable and attractive end-user products to the market. Especially the early development of test cases, necessary during the product development phase, is a costly and time consuming task, smaller manufacturers can hardly master. Experience shows however that all those technologies that were open to a large number of various players right from the beginning have turned out to be the most successful in the end. In order to enlarge the number of LTE players and make LTE an overall success, working together at an early stage might be a good solution for the industry in order to bring LTE forward even in difficult times.”

7 layers is ready to support the industry with a variety of services, supporting them to turn LTE into a success story for a large number of players.

About 7 layers
7 layers is an international group of test and service centers for the wireless communications industry with broad expertise in testing and certification for GERAN, UTRAN, Bluetooth®, and other wireless communications technologies.  End product manufacturers, component and reference design manufacturers as well as network operators and technology associations benefit from the 7 layers’ services.

The 7 layers Test House provides test and market access services in accredited laboratories which are connected via the “Rapid Response Network”. This enables simultaneous testing of customer projects and speeds up test processes in the 7 layers laboratories in Germany, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and USA. Clients can follow and manage their test projects conveniently via web-access.

The 7 layers Systems House offers engineering services, supporting the development of certification systems, test specifications, test solutions and end-user products.

The 7 layers Software House has developed the InterLab® Software System, which is ideal for intricate, distributed assessment procedures.