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7 layers announces changes to its executive board

Published on 1 October 2009

7 layers announces changes to its executive board

Ratingen, Germany, 1st October 2009: 7Layers announced Dr.Hermann Buitkamp and Mr.Wilfried Klassmann as sole members of the Executive Board of 7 layers AG inRatingen,Germanytoday.  

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Meckelburg, president and founder of the 7 layers group, and Mr. René Schildknecht, CFO and member of the Executive Board, are retiring from their current positions.

In his new function Dr. -Ing. H. Buitkamp will be focusing on group policy, strategic development, technological progress, and group marketing of the 7 layers group. He will be responsible for global services and performances of 7 layers Systems House and Software House.

Mr. Wilfried Klassmann will be responsible for the company management of 7 layers in Ratingen and global finances of the 7 layers group. Further he will focus on the global development and performances of the 7 layers Test & Market Access Services. 

Dr. Hermann Buitkamp and Wilfried Klassmann have already been working alongside Dr. Hans-Jürgen Meckelburg and Rene Schildknecht since July 2009.

Many companies within the wireless communication industry are currently changing their business models resulting in great chances and possible challenges for 7 layers. By appointing experienced managers into the executive board, the 7 layers group is well prepared to ensure future and global growth of the 7 layers group.

Further Information

Markus Becker, chairman of the supervisory board thanks both Dr. Hans-Jürgen Meckelburg and Rene Schildknecht for their contribution to turn 7 layers into a successful group providing valuable services to the wireless industry. Both will continue to offer their know-how, experience, and understanding of the wireless community to 7 layers to promote a future growth and successful development of the group.

Dr. Hermann Buitkamp studied engineering at the University of Aachen and got his PhD from the University of Bonn, Germany. In 1984 he started his career in the industry as a development and systems engineer for navigation and airborne control systems at Litton Industries in Freiburg. In 1990 he took over the responsibility for the business unit “Safety Systems” at the European market leader SICK AG close to Freiburg. After working for three years as a VP of engineering at Scientific Technologies Inc. in Fremont, Cal. he joined the management team of TUEV SUED Product Service in 2001 in Munich. In this position he was responsible for consumer and industrial product testing in Europe and the successful development of safety and quality testing services.

Wilfried Klassmann has business experiences of more than 20 years in the telecommunication industry. After his Master Degree in electrical engineering at the University of Aachen, Germany he started his carrier at Rohde & Schwarz, where he worked for more than 12 years in different service, sales and management positions in Germany and in Italy. In August 2000 he joined 7 layers in Ratingen in order to support the sales activities of 7 layers. At the beginning of the year 2002 he moved to South California and took over the responsibility for the 7 layers activities in North America, which he built up successfully during the last seven years.