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7 layers and Communology address the challenge to test and certify Java-based mobile phones

Published on 8 May 2007

7 layers and Communology address the challenge to test and certify Java-based mobile phones

7 layers and Communology are combining their efforts in order to support manufacturers with the product development and certification process of new mobile phones capable of executing Java ME applications.

Java ME (formally known as J2ME) applications on mobile devices have reached a significant importance. They enable users to run interesting new applications either directly on their mobile (e.g. games) or via interactions with dedicated network operator servers (e.g. Maps, Instant Messaging). 99% of all new mobile phones are capable to execute Java applications.

Java ME technology addresses devices with limited resources (e.g. display, RAM, keypads, run-time environment). These “micro-environments” exist in such a large number of different devices that it will be nearly impossible to develop applications that work without modifications on each device. This fact is a real challenge for all application developers and – in order to guarantee customer satisfaction – it is therefore essential to verify the correct implementation of all relevant Java ME components on each mobile phone type separately.

7 layers, a worldwide group of test and service centers recognized already at an early stage that Java ME testing on mobile phones will be very important for the success of terminal vendors as well as for service provider applications. In order to cover the growing market demand 7 layers has implemented new engineering services and InterLab® based test services capable of verifying the most important Java ME functions which have been summarized by American Java experts. The global 7Layers testing services are being based on the Java Core Specs and Test Specs publicly.

The Java test services offered by 7 layers are based on the test environment and expertise provided by Communology GmbH located close to the German branch of 7 layers.

“We are very glad to have chosen Communology as a knowledgeable partner supporting the PTCRB certification testing requirements for Java applications”, says Thomas Jaeger, Business Development Director of 7 layers. “It is a real challenge for terminal vendors to supply Java platforms that work together smoothly with third party applications. Integrating the tools and expertise of Communology into our test and service centers means that our clients are provided with the most advanced services in this sector.”

Frank Bell, CTO of Communology stated: “Increasing complexity of mobile devices supporting new applications and services requires additional testing to ensure, that software quality and implementation of applications reach the highest level of quality from the consumers’ perspective.
Our test suite mte covers the test requirements for different platforms, new applications and quality parameters. The set of the PTCRB specific Java tests were developed by our company and are provided to our partner 7 layers. With 7 layers we have an innovative, valuable partner, full of synergies to the capabilities of our test product mte.”

Combining the long standing test and certification experience of 7 layers with the Java expertise of Communology will enable 7 layers to support product development for Java based terminals as well as guiding vendors as fast as possible through the American handset certification process, defined by PTCRB.

About 7 layers
7 layers is an international group of test and service centers for the wireless communications industry, with broad expertise in development, testing and qualification for GSM, GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth® and other wireless communications technologies. Terminal manufacturers, component and reference design manufactures as well as network operators benefit from the 7 layers’ services, which range from optimization of technology and product development, to supporting in-house test laboratories. The 7 layers test and / or service centers are connected into a “Rapid Response Network”, a virtual global platform for simultaneous and efficient testing of customer projects. It ensures seamless information transfer between the various sites in Germany, China, Korea, Taiwan and USA and enables clients to follow and manage their test projects conveniently via web-access.

About Communology
Communology is a mobile telecommunications company operating worldwide, which specialises in testing mobile devices and the development of individual, customised rich media solutions for customers. Since 2002 Communology has become established as an independent partner in the area of quality assurance for software on terminals by using its test tool mte, which tests and checks the software quality of the latest, extremely complex technologies on terminals from the consumers’ point of view.

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