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7 layers – an early provider of 3G TTY test services

Published on 27 February 2009

7 layers – an early provider of 3G TTY test services

Teletype / Teletypewriter (TTY) is a telecommunications feature for hearing and speech impaired persons, mandated by the FCC for the USA market.

If you are developing a wireless telecommunications product for the North American market and your product is designed to support TTY technology mandated by FCC for 911 emergency calls, you have to take care of TTY test and certification processes!

PTCRB certification and TTY testing
has been integral for manufacturers seeking market access in North America for quite some time. So far only 2G mobile phones had to pass TTY tests for PTCRB Certification.

Since February 2009, 3G Mobile Phones have to undergo TTY testing for PTCRB certification. Currently these tests are classed as category E in NAPRD 03, Version 4.3. This means that from now on 3G Mobile Phones have to undergo TTY testing but do not have to pass necessarily. It is to be expected that from round about May 2009 onwards, the TTY 3G test cases will be upgraded into Category A. From then on passing TTY 3G tests will become a must!

7 layers is recognized as leader in both developer of TTY test systems and as provider of test and certification services.

Currently 7 layers is the only laboratory worldwide that already offers the respective TTY 3G test cases via its InterLab TTY Test Solution CMU200.

Make sure that your 3G Mobile Phone – supporting TTY technology – covers all requirements
for PTRCB certification with the help of 7 layers!

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