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2nd DG CONNECT & ETSI Workshop

Published on 9 August 2014

2nd DG CONNECT & ETSI Workshop on
Smart Appliances

14th October 2014ETSI Logo
650 Route des Lucioles
06921 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

Meet 7Layers and our colleague Andy Crisp, giving a speech at the 2nd DG CONNECT & ETSI Workshop on Smart Appliances

To update you on some of the most important requirements which Connected Devices have to fulfill, 7Layers has prepared a presentation with an overview on cellular certification schemes such as GCF and PTCRB.

ETSI is the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and produces globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) like fixed, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and internet technologies.
Now they are about to hold the 2nd DG CONNECT ETSI Workshop on Smart Appliances.

Smart Appliances are going to be no stand-alone systems anymore. The smarter world changes them into highly intelligent, networked devices, which are responsible for energy consuming, producing, and managing systems.
There are many requirements for making such systems commercially successful and widely adopted. It may be difficult to take those all into account, but there are Smart Services, which make that procedure much easier. In such case 7Layers offers its new SODA model to enable an easy and smart requirements capturing process and the development of comprehensive test environments.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the workshop!