Thread Certification Services
Thread certification processes – helping to build reliable and interoperable devices for the smart world

The Thread Group was established to promote the Thread technology as a foundation for Smart Home Services and beyond. Thread is an IP-based, low power, secure mesh networking technology, focused on providing a method for IoT devices to communicate securely and seamlessly. Thread was originally designed with a special focus on smart home and building automation applications such appliances, climate control, energy usages, lighting, safety, security etc. but its reach is beginning to extend to further IoT applications.

Advantages of Thread certification

Components (chipsets, stacks or modules) as well as end-products can participate in the Thread Certification scheme. In order to bear the Thread logo, they need to be tested and certified according to the Thread requirements.

The scope of the certification program has been designed to verify compliance and interoperability for the defined device types such as Boarder Router, Routers, Router-Eligible End Devices and Sleepy End Devices.

7layers – a Thread Group approved test laboratory

7layers offers Thread certification services combined with pre-testing as well as compliance and interoperability testing. We have years of experience with wireless technologies and are an active member of multiple wireless special interest groups. 7layers works together with the whole ecosystems of technology enablers, manufacturers and service providers that make up the smart home & building automation market, the industrial IoT, the intelligent transport markets etc.

  • 7layers has outstanding expertise in providing wireless test services combined with the required certification and type approval handling services.
  • For proprietary requirements we also support IoT service providers and device manufacturers with the development of customized quality policies and test set-ups.
  • As a member of the Bureau Veritas Group we complement our services with quality, health, safety and environmental test processes. Such a complete package eases market access process, an especial benefit for the competitive smart home and building automation markets.

Thread Group Information

In Addition to Thread Certification services 7layers provides

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