PTCRB certification guide “step-by-step”
With 7layers you will be guided smoothly through the PTCRB certification process

PTCRB user account set-up

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  • The PTCRB Certification process is administered by CTIA via the PTCRB website.
  • If you do not have a PTCRB account yet, first go to  www.ptcrb.com.
  • Here you select the “New User Registration” tab within the “Registered User Login” panel and complete the registration process.

Certification database access

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  • Once you receive your user-name and password from PTCRB, you must send an email to certification@ctia.org requesting access to the online PTCRB certification database.
  • CTIA will now provide you with your login details. 

PTCRB certification request

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Now you can go to www.ptcrb.com  and initiate your PTCRB certification request

  • Enter your company name
  • Enter your prodcut information
  • Choose your 7layers test laboratory
  • Receive your request number  

Laboratory acceptance of certification testing-request

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  • Laboratory notification
    Your chosen 7layers laboratory will receive notification of your certification testing-request via www.ptcrb.com.
  • Laboratory acceptance
    Your 7layers project manager will accept the request. Testing can begin once the laboratory has accepted the request via the online database.
  • Certification Administrator Fee
    The CTIA will send an invoice for a “Certification Administrator Fee”. The amount depends on the type of certification and integrated technologies. It varies from US$ 3,125 up to US$ 12,500.

Your test project handling at 7layers

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7layers runs the project at its experienced PTCRB accredited test laboratories within the agreed time frame.

Pre-requisites for commencing PTCRB testing

  • Receipt and acceptance of official PTCRB certification request
  • Signed Service Agreement and received Purchase Order
  • Received test samples

Once all required tests have been passes successfully

  • 7layers uploads the test report to the PTCRB certification database
  • You must upload information such as
    • Air interface compliance declaration
    • IMEI security declaration
    • PICS/PIXIT information
    • USER manual
    • FCC ID   

Review by CTIA

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  • The test report will be reviewed for approval by CTIA.
  • The certification request status will be updated within the PTCRB database to “Under review by CTIA”.
  • CTIA will inform the manufacturers and the IMEI administrator of the certification decision  within 5 working days, AFTER you have settled the invoice.

Confirmation and PTCRB certification

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  • You will receive your certification approval by email from PTCRB.
  • The certification approval is also shown on the PTCRB website.

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