PTCRB certification guide “step-by-step”
With 7layers you will be guided smoothly through the PTCRB certification process

PTCRB user account set-up

  • The PTCRB Certification process is administered by CTIA via the PTCRB website.
  • If you do not have a PTCRB account yet, first go to  www.ptcrb.com.
  • Here you select the “New User Registration” tab within the “Registered User Login” panel and complete the registration process.

Certification database access

  • Once you receive your user-name and password from PTCRB, you must send an email to certification@ctia.org requesting access to the online PTCRB certification database.
  • CTIA will then provide you with your login details.

PTCRB certification request

Now you can go to www.ptcrb.com  and initiate your PTCRB certification request

  • Enter your company name
  • Enter your product information
  • Choose your 7layers test laboratory
  • Receive your request number

Laboratory acceptance of certification testing-request

  • Laboratory notification

    Your chosen 7layers laboratory will receive notification of your certification testing-request via www.ptcrb.com.

  • Laboratory acceptance

    Your 7layers project manager will accept the request. Testing can begin once the laboratory has accepted the request via the online database.

  • Certification Administrator Fee

    The CTIA will send an invoice for a “Certification Administrator Fee”. The amount depends on the type of certification and integrated technologies. Integrators of PTCRB certified modules should expect initial certification costs of approximately US$ 3,125 and variant certification costs of US$ 1,500. For other device types please refer to the PTCRB documentation.

Your test project handling at 7layers

7layers runs the project at its experienced PTCRB accredited test laboratories within the agreed time frame.

Pre-requisites for commencing PTCRB testing

  • Receipt and acceptance of official PTCRB certification request
  • Signed Service Agreement and received Purchase Order
  • Received test samples

Once all required tests have been passes successfully

  • 7layers uploads the test report to the PTCRB certification database
  • You must upload information such as
    • Air interface compliance declaration
    • IMEI security declaration
    • PICS/PIXIT information
    • USER manual
    • FCC ID

Review by CTIA

  • The test report will be reviewed for approval by CTIA.
  • The certification request status will be updated within the PTCRB database to “Under review by CTIA”.
  • CTIA will inform the manufacturers and the IMEI administrator of the certification decision within 5 working days, AFTER you have settled the invoice.

Confirmation and PTCRB certification

  • You will receive your certification approval by email from PTCRB.
  • The certification approval is also shown on the PTCRB website.

To receive a budgetary PTCRB Testing Quotation

We have been handling PTCRB certification requests for many years and thoroughly understand the process. You can rely on 7layers for fast and efficient PTCRB project handling.