MirrorLink™ device certification

MirrorLink is a technology standard that allows a consumer to access their Smartphone using the same controls they use for accessing the car radio, climate control, and navigation system.

DruckMirrorLink standards are governed by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), a group of automotive, mobile communications, and consumer electronics industry companies that was formed in February 2011 to create global standards for Smartphone in-car connectivity. More at: http://www.mirrorlink.com/certification-program

  • MirrorLink Device Certification can be granted to Smartphones and in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVIs).
  • Smartphones or IVIs have to be successfully tested against the Car Connectivity Consortium requirements at a test laboratory authorized for MirrorLink devices testing.
  • The requirements consist of protocol conformance testing and interoperability testing.
  • MirrorLink certification is available to all members of the CCC.

7layers is the only international test house group that offers CCC authorized testing on a global scale.

Our CCC authorized test laboratories for MirrorLink device testing are located conveniently in Europe (Germany), Asia (P.R. China and S.Korea) and North America (USA).  We have been working together with leading consumer electronics and automotive manufacturers and their suppliers for years, providing services such as conformance, interoperability and field testing and international type approval handling. This cross-industry experience is a valuable asset when dealing with the growing number of manufacturers and vendors now aiming for MirrorLink™ certification.

MirrorLink™ device certification testing at 7layers includes

  • Consultancy on MirrorLink certification program
  • Provision of Accredited Lab Environment (ATL)
  • Provision of Conformance Test System (CTS)
  • Provision of MirrorLink interoperability devices (Smartphones or IVIs)
  • Execution of Certification Tests (Conformance and IOP)
  • Communication and Reporting with CCC (Certification Body)

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