MirrorLink® application testing
Drive-certified and base-certified app testing by the MirrorLink expert 7layers

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) provides an operating system independent, common application programming interface (API) that helps to optimize apps for in-car use and ensures that they will work with any MirrorLink compliant smartphone and any compliant head unit.

App developers have to ensure that their apps not only work on mobile devices but also on head units from different manufacturers. In case the apps shall be used while driving, they also have to comply with regional driver distraction guidelines. More at: http://www.mirrorlink.com/developers

As one of the leading test houses for MirrorLink device certification, 7layers supports app developers by offering MirrorLink App Certification testing. Applications that are for example gathering data from car sensors and then combining these with other data, stored on the Smartphone or in the Cloud, can provide exciting new Smart Services, providing they are interoperable and safe to use for the driver.

About MirrorLink app certification

The MirrorLink app certification process offers two certification levels

  • Base-certified apps may be used when the car is stationary
  • Drive-certified apps may be used while driving. These have to adhere to regional driver distraction guidelines. Drive-certified apps are currently available for
    • the European Union (ESoP) -> no driver workload tests required
    • the North American market (AAM and NHTSA) -> driver workload tests required
    • Japan (JAMA) -> driver workload tests required.

7layers services for MirrorLink app certification

  • Preparation workshop on MirrorLink certification
  • Pre-testing services
  • Base-level and drive-level app certification
  • Accredited Lab Environment (ATL) for application testing
    • Test setup (reference client and server)
    • Subject-matter expert for driver distraction
    • Participants for driver workload tests
  • Communication and reporting to CCC
  • Additional services (MirrorLink device certification, regulatory testing and type approval handling, V2X services)

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