MirrorLink™ application testing

Consumers have got used to the large number of apps they can access via their Smartphones. However these are usually not designed to be used whilst driving and the applications that are preinstalled in in-vehicle infotainment systems do not really meet consumers’ expectations.

App developers have to ensure that their apps not only work on mobile devices but also on head units from different manufacturers. In case the apps shall be used while driving they also have to comply with regional driver distraction guidelines.

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) therefore provides an operating system independent, common application programming interface (API) that helps to optimize apps for in-car use and ensures that they will work with any MirrorLink compliant smartphone and any compliant IVI. More at: http://www.mirrorlink.com/developers

MirrorLink app certification at 7layers

The MirrorLink app certification process offers two certification levels

  • Base-certified apps may be used when the car is parked
  • Drive-certified apps may be used while driving. These have to adhere to regional driver distraction guidelines. Drive-certified apps are currently available for the European Union, the North American market and for Japan.

As one of the leading test houses for MirrorLink device certification, 7layers supports app developers by offering MirrorLink App Certification testing. This represents another significant step towards the connected car in a Smarter World. Applications gathering data from in-car sensors and combining these with data stored on the Smartphone or in the Cloud may provide users with exciting new Smart Services, providing they are interoperable and safe to use while driving. 7layers, who has been serving the automotive industry for years and is an enthusiastic promoter of Smarter Services and the IoT with its SODA™model, has been offering MirrorLink device testing since the early beginnings.

7layers is the only international test laboratory chain that is authorized to offer the complete MirrorLink test package, including

For MirrorLink app certification, developers have to

  • Register as a MirrorLink app developer
  • Adapt their app to MirrorLink
  • Submit app for driver distraction testing to an authorized test lab such as 7layers
  • MirrorLink™ app certification testing at 7layers includes
    • Consultancy on MirrorLink certification
    • Provision of Accredited Lab Environment (ATL)
    • Provision of Test Setup (Reference Client + Server)
    • Provision of Subject Matter Expert for Driver Distraction
    • Provision of Participants for Driver Workload tests
    • Execution of certification tests
    • Communication and Reporting with CCC (Certification Body)
  • Receive MirrorLink app certification from CCC
  • Upload app to an app store for distribution

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