The GCF ACE scheme
GCF compliance assessments for associated members – provided by the 7layers GCF ACE’s

The GCF ACE scheme has been set up for manufacturers that have a GCF Associate Membership only, in contrast to full GCF membership.

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GCF Associate Members are required to work with a 3rd party Assessment Capable Entity (a so-called GCF ACE) to identify the necessary Conformance, Field Trial and Interoperability tests that need to be undertaken for GCF certification. 7layers is such a GCF ACE.

A GCF ACE is a qualified company that has declared to GCF that it has the technical competence, necessary

  • to determine the GCF-CC requirements,
    applicable to a device with integrated wireless connectivity
  • to assess the compliance of a device against those requirements.

Based on such an assessment, the appropriate certification declarations shall be prepared by the ACE, the manufacturer, or Associate Manufacturer. The 3rd party ACE shall confirm that the declarations are ready for publication.

7layers GCF ACE services cover the following services

  • Knowledge of standards organisations referenced by GCF
  • Understanding of GCF procedures
  • Ability to create and modify test plans depending on device features (ICS) and functionality
  • Ability to analyse test results to ensure the accuracy of the declared device features (ICS) and functionality
  • Experience in reviewing test reports to construct a Compliance Folder, demonstrating compliance with GCF Certification Criteria
  • Experience in reviewing Compliance Folders to ensure the accuracy of the GCF-CC Annex F Declarations for a certified device
  • Understanding of the Device Contest Process

For further questions please contact your 7layers ACE engineer

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