Type Certification of IoT devices according to ETSI EN 303 645

ETSI EN 303 645 specifies 13 baseline provisions for the security of Internet-connected consumer devices and their associated services. This specification enjoys a wide and quick adoption for certifications and regulations in the European Union and beyond. Everyone who intends to sell an IoT device in the European Market should comply with the requirements from this specification.
7layers offers evaluation for Type Certification of IoT devices according to ETSI EN 303 645 to manufacturers who are interested to demonstrate base line security of their products.
Such an assessment is based on

  • Review of documented evidences and declarations
  • As well as technical testing of the physical device

As a result of a successful evaluation the manufacturer will receive a “certificate of conformity” issued by Bureau Veritas for the tested type of devices.

For more information see “ETSI releases world-leading Consumer IoT Security standard”

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