February 11th, 2010

InterLab® Bluetooth RF Test Solution:
World’s First Validated RF Conformance Tester for Bluetooth Low Energy

Did you notice our advertising in the latest edition (Q1’10) of the Bluetooth® SIGnature magazine by any chance? Go ahead and check out page 27 in case you haven’t seen it yet!

One of the headlines is asking:
“Are you ready for Bluetooth Low Energy?”.

In the advertising we claimed “We are!”. Please let me provide proof for this claim:
The Bluetooth SIG has announced on February 11, 2010 that the validation report for our Bluetooth Low Energy test case package has been officially approved.

The InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution from 7layers
is now the World’s First Validated RF Conformance Tester
for Bluetooth Low Energy!

Thanks to the intense work performed by 7layers, we could once again prove our technology leadership. It is
already the second time in a row that we have beaten the competition in developing leading edge Bluetooth RF Test Solution.

The validation report has been submitted for review on December 21, 2009, just days after the formal adoption
of the Bluetooth Low Energy specification and has now been approved without modifications.

That said, let me ask you again: Are you ready for Bluetooth Low Energy?
In case you’re not, we’re here to help…