Engineering and test centers of the 7layers group in China

ritt7Layers, officially called “Beijing 7layers Huarui Communications Technology Co., Ltd.”, is a joint venture of 7layers GmbH and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology – CAICT (Previously CATR).

Locations in China

Our main service center is in Beijing with two more test laboratories distributed over the city. Further test laboratories in China are located in Shenzhen at the High-Tech area, Nanshan district.


Having strong international connections is of high importance for Chinese manufacturers who wish to place their products on the global market. As a member of the 7layers group, with locations in Asia, Europe and North America, ritt7Layers is ideally geared to support such clients. We are further able to make easy use of the extensive resources of our joint venture partner CAICT. By working together with ritt7Layers, manufacturers can rely on professional CNAL services that help considerably to shorten time to the Chinese market.


ritt7Layers was the first GSM Observer, and the first laboratory in Asia, to be accredited for R&TTE and PTCRB certification testing. Our engineers have many years’ experience in helping you meet national and international 
standards and regulations, and we know how best to help you to meet your time to market goals. Customers can rely on our expertise stretching from CE/ FCC and GCF/ PTCRB test & certification services, to the emerging LPWAN terminals, with technologies such as LTE CAT-M, NB IOT and LoRa.


Our test and support services help you meet the requirements of

  • GCF
  • CTIA
  • CNAL
  • CE
  • FCC
  • ISED Canada and other international type approvals
  • CCC (MirrorLink)
  • ERA-GLONASS etc.

Our engineers have years of experience in helping you meet national and international standards and regulations – whilst taking care of tight time schedules at the same time.

Since more and more emerging, medium & small size customers are seeking for additional consultancy to complete the whole test & certification process, ritt7layers has turned into a most suitable partner in China. As a GCF third party ACE (Assessment Capable Entity) for example, we support manufacturers of connected devices, which are mainly used for M2M / IoT purposes by identifying the necessary Conformance, field trial and interoperability tests that must be undertaken for GCF certification. Actually, ritt7layers will go beyond that, by considering development issues of M2M/ IoT devices and services.

ritt7layers also supports manufacturers’ in- house laboratories or accredited 3rd party test houses who are using our Interlab EVO test management system or other Interlab test products with set-up services and support & maintenance.protocol testing at Ritt7Layers

With ritt7layers as your partner, you can significantly speed up the Chinese and global market access procedures of your wireless communications products.