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Wireless Power charging describes technologies that enable battery charging of mobile devices without a power cable.

About wireless power charging

There are two different ways of wireless power charging

  • via electromagnetic induction
  • via magnetic frequency resonance

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)

The Wireless Power Consortium currently supports the electromagnetic induction method and is going to support the resonant charging technology in due course as well. It combines

  • inductive technologies transmitter and receiver coil – placed no more than 7 mm from each other
  • resonant charging technologies transmitter detects and charges mobile devices at a maximum distance of 45 mm

By incorporating both methods, all products that are Qi certified” according to the specifications of the Wireless Power Consortium, cover a large range of use cases.

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WPC GrafikQi testing & certification according to WPC

7layers is a WPC authorized test laboratory, supporting manufacturers from various industries (e.g. mobile phone industry, automotive industry) that want to enhance their products with wireless power charging.

The 7layers WPC authorized test lab for Qi testing & certification offers

  • consultancy on how to access the WPC market
  • consultancy regarding the Qi certification process
  • Qi compliance testing & certification for Low Power
  • Qi compliance testing & certification for Medium Power
    • We are currently preparing our laboratory for Qi certification testing of “fast transmitting and charging devices”, according to the new specification 1.2., which makes it possible to deliver as much as 15 Watts to mobile devices.

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wireless power consortium specifications

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