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USAT Testing

The USAT (USIM Application Toolkit) is implemented on the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) for 3G and LTE mobile telephony. In order to ensure interoperability between the user equipment and the network, the USAT and the UICC specified characteristics and requirements need to be tested. The applicable test sequences, described by 3GPP, verify the interoperability between the UICC, the user equipment and mandatory user equipment procedures, especially for the USIM Application Toolkit (USAT).
USAT interface conformance testing at 7layers is available for end-products such as smart phones, data sticks and computers as well as for modules and reference design. The complex test set-ups necessary for USAT testing are described by 3GPP in test specification 31.124. USAT testing requires the joint operation of a USIM simulator, a network simulator and the synchronization of various test steps. In order to ensure reliability and repeatability of these highly complex test procedures, 7layers relies on its own InterLab Test Solutions USAT for 3G and LTE-USIM/USAT for USAT testing.

USAT testing is mandatory for

  • GCF conformance
  • PTCRB conformance
  • Verizon Wireless approval

USAT testing at 7layers is available for the following technologies

  • HSPA
  • LTE (TDD)
  • LTE (FDD)

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