Easy-Check test services

Pre-certification testing for mobile phones and connected devices

7layers runs a variety of Easy-Check test programs for mobile phones and connected devices, which help manufacturers detect faults at an early stage of the product development process.

Depending on the size and set-up of a manufacturer’s test facility, it may be possible to run such tests in-house. However company-owned test equipment often does not fulfill the strict requirements that apply to an accredited test laboratory such as 7layers – or you simply may not have all necessary test equipment available. Our reliable Easy-Check test results, combined with expert analysis and support, can help speed up product development significantly. The 7layers Easy-Check test programs concentrate on the most critical tests that have a strong tendency to fail in the final certification process, or they support you in making the right choice for example regarding a module or antenna you are planning to integrate.

Use Easy-Check pre-certification testing for connected devices to

  • easily detect faults
  • reduce development costs
  • speed up market access

Pre-Certification tests you can choose from

  • Bluetooth Easy-Check
    making sure your product fulfills the most important qualification rules
  • Radio Easy-Check
    testing product behavior according to frequency band and performance
  • EMC Easy-Check
    basic interference checks, giving you peace of mind
  • OTA Easy-Check
    over-the-air antenna tests, checking the interaction of antenna, RF-module and housing and helping you make the right decision regarding the integration of off-the-shelf antennas
  • Interoperability & Field Easy-Check
    product behavior in real-life networks, for both mobile and stationary wireless products
  • Radiated Spurious Emission Easy-Check
  • TTY Easy-Check

Analysis services

Combine test results from Easy-Check with our analysis services and get your product ready for certification – fast!

Interested? Then simply use our contact form or contact the 7layers service center of your choice, explaining your interest in Easy-Check, giving us your name, company name, place, product name and product usage. Let us introduce you to our highly interesting Easy-Check test packages!