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InterLab Test Solution USAT, V.3.0

a software solution – based on the R&S 3G Protocol Testers and a 3G SIM Simulator

In 3rd Generation User Equipment, a number of functionalities, such as the USIM Application Toolkit (USAT), are implemented on the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC). Specified characteristics and requirements need to be tested in order to ensure interoperability between User Equipment, 3G network, USAT and UICC. The 3GPP Test Specification 31.124 covers the applicable test sequences which verify the interoperability between UICC, user equipment and mandatory user equipment procedures, especially for the USIM Application Toolkit (USAT). The required USAT test cases are based on several test systems and require the synchronization of various test steps. The necessary simultaneous operation of the test systems makes it difficult to ensure reproducible testing and is highly time-consuming, especially if performed manually.


The InterLab Test Solution USAT is a software solution, designed to facilitate the performance of tests which require the joint operation of a USIM simulator and a 3G Network simulator. These tests are requested by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and North American Certification Program (PTCRB).

Test specifications and requirements covered

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  • 3GPP Test Specification 31.124
  • GCF approved status
  • PTCRB listed test platform
  • Validated test sequences for FDD I, FDD II, FDD V
  • Applicable for 
    • Certification and pre-certification purposes in combination with the R&S CRTU-W Protocol Tester
    • Pre-certification purposes in combination with IT3 Prove

Scope of delivery

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  • USAT technology-related information
    such as specifications, test specifications, change requests, PICS PIXIT values…
  • USAT Test Package (based on GCF WI#35 and PTCRB RFT ‘ 58)
    Test Cases, executable on the Rohde & Schwarz CRTU-W Protocol Tester
  • Test Case License keys for USAT Test Case Executable on Rohde & Schwarz Protocol Tester
  • Documentation (user manual, release note, installation guide, system requirements)

Benefit from automated, reproducible testing and
reliable results

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  • One Graphical User Interface (GUI) for both involved test systems
  • Direct access to all tests combined with extensive filtering, grouping, sorting and duplicating functionalities
  • Sequenced synchronization of the complete test process, ensuring reliable and reproducible testing
  • Automatic availability of final results by combining verdicts of all involved test equipment
  • Full automation of test sequences – optional – by using the remote control (Host Controller Interface) of the object-under-test.
    Remote control interfaces can be activated by using standard and/or proprietary AT commands or integrating customer-specific software tools.

   InterLab Test Solution 3G-USIM/USAT



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