Interlab Shielded Enclosure
for a variety of OTA test applications

The InterLab Shielded Enclosure is ideally suited for a large variety for OTA
(over-the-air) test set-ups for mobile devices. Although small in size and reasonably priced, it crShielded Enclosure for various OTA test purposeseates a properly shielded test environment for rigorous over-the-air (OTA) device verification with high accuracy levels, without the need for an RF-wired connection. It is ideally suited for R&D purposes.

The InterLab Shielded Enclosure focuses on
developers’ requirements.

Scope of delivery

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  • Based on a shielded test cabin (STS-75 from Albatross)
  • Easy-to-handle, reliable system for a variety of test purposes
  • Contains standard-sized pyramid absorbers for optimized suppression of standing waves
  • Compact size – fits through any laboratory door
  • Specially designed, adaptable construction, to fix exact position of the mobile device under test
  • Multi-antenna system, comprising a number of sophisticated multi-band antennas


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  • RF tests in mass production
    reproducible results due to reduction of standing waves
  • Battery life-time testing
    easy, lifelike call set-up
  • Data throughput tests
  • Temperature measurements
    enough room for additional equipment such as an IR camera!
  • Acoustic testing and buzzing noise analysis
    pyramid absorbers function like in an acoustic chamber
  • Functional testing
    for all kinds of wireless applications,
    e.g. large enough for 300 MHz with ferrite version
   InterLab Shielded Enclosure