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Qi testing & certification according to wireless power consortium – offered by 7layers

Qi certification can be achieved for devices enhanced with wireless power charging technology according to the specifications of the WPC.

Qi is the leading, universal wireless charging standard, with already a substantial spread throughout industries. Thanks to that consumers are benefitting from Qi charging facilities in airports, offices, hotels and even their own vehicles.

Already since 2013 7layers runs an experienced Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) authorized test laboratory, that can offer all the help you need for Qi testing and certification. With our support you can bring your wireless power chargers and receivers to the global market as smoothly as possible.

Qi Certification procedure

  1. Customer who requests Qi certification testing must have WPC membership
  2. Customer selects a WPC authorized test laboratory, such as 7layers, for Qi compliance testing
  3. The 7layers test lab, authorized by the Wireless Power Consortium, conducts the Qi compliance testing
  4. 7layers sends the sample to IOP lab for IOP testing
  5. IOP testing will be conducted by IOP Lab
  6. Testing completion will be announced to the 7layers WPC authorized test laboratory
  7. The 7layers test lab, authorized by the Wireless Power Consortium, issues the test report & Qi certificate
  8. 7layers provides the Qi test report and certificate to the customer
  9. Customer lists their product with Qi certification information on the WPC website

Benefits of WPC membership and Qi certification

  • Founded in 2008 the WPC has established itself as a leader in wireless charging
  • Qi is rapidly becoming THE wireless charging standard with more than 220 members, making Qi the ultimate wireless charging standard
  • As Qi is fully compatible, all devices carrying the Qi logo will work together, regardless of the manufacturer or brand
  • Qi certification allows companies to differentiate their products and boost margins thanks to
    • Qualified wireless power capabilities
    • Full compatibility between Qi certified products
    • Reliability
    • Usage of Qi logo

WPC members

  • have the choice of different membership types (Associate, Regular Member, Small business, Full Member)
  • have access to OEM, ODM, engineering and test services to ensure compatibility and quality
  • get help regarding IC, coils and shielding, reducing your required bill of materials
  • participate in WPC interoperability test events, allowing you to test your prototypes against other member’s products
  • influence upcoming Qi specifications
  • get a listing in the member directory

More info about the wireless power consortium you can find here.

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